GRACE Monthly Mass Grids - Global Mascons (NASA/GRACE/MASS_GRIDS/MASCON)

Version Release 05

GRACE Tellus Monthly Mass Grids provides monthly
gravitational anomalies relative to a 2004-2010 time-mean baseline.
The data contained in this dataset are units of “Equivalent Water Thickness”
which represent the deviations of mass in terms of vertical extent
of water in centimeters. See the provider’s Monthly Mass
Grids Overview

for more details.

The GRACE Tellus (GRCTellus) Global Mascon dataset
is based on Level-1 GRACE observations and processed
at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

This dataset uses a-priori constraints in space and time to
estimate global, monthly gravity fields in terms of equal-area
3°x3° spherical cap mass concentration (mascon) functions to minimize the
effect of measurement errors. No additional empirical destriping
filter has been applied to the data. This results in better S/N
ratios of the mascon fields compared to the conventional
spherical-harmonic solutions.


  • Mascons which lie on coastlines contain mixed land and ocean signals.
    A version of this dataset with the Coastline Resolution Improvement
    (CRI) filter applied to separate the land and ocean portions of mass
    within each land/ocean mascon in a post-processing step. This
    dataset is available at

  • The data are represented on a 1/2 degree lon-lat grid, but they
    represent the 3x3 degree equal-area caps, which is the current
    native resolution of JPL-RL05M.

lwe_thicknessEquivalent liquid water thickness in
uncertainty1-sigma uncertainty for each 3-degree mascon estimate. The provided estimates of uncertainty are regarded to be conservative. See the provider's [Error & Uncertainty Estimates section](


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.2
Keywords JPL, NASA, grace, gravity, mascon, mass, tellus, water
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 3/31/2002, 4:00:00 PM - 2/2/2017, 4:00:00 PM
Citation D.N. Wiese. 2015. GRACE monthly global water mass grids NETCDF RELEASE 5.0. Ver. 5.0. PO.DAAC, CA, USA.. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at [](
Type image_collection
GSD arc degreesm
cube:dimensions {"x":{"type":"spatial","axis":"x","extent":[-180,180]},"y":{"type":"spatial","axis":"y","extent":[-90,90]},"temporal":{"type":"temporal","extent":["2002-04-01T00:00:00Z","2017-02-03T00:00:00Z"]},"bands":{"type":"bands","values":["lwe_thickness","uncertainty"]}}