NOAA CDR PATMOSX: Cloud Properties, Reflectance, and Brightness Temperatures, Version 5.3 (NOAA/CDR/PATMOSX/V53)

Version V5.3

This dataset provides high quality Climate Data Record (CDR) of multiple
cloud properties along with Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
(AVHRR) brightness temperatures and reflectances. These data have been
fitted to a 0.1 x 0.1 equal angle-grid with both ascending and descending
assets generated daily from two to ten NOAA and MetOp satellite passes per

This dataset includes 48 bands, 11 of which are deemed CDR quality
(marked with “CDR variable” in the band list).
The cloud products are derived using the ABI (Advanced Baseline Imager)
Cloud Height Algorithm (ACHA), and the Daytime Cloud Optical Properties
(DCOMP) algorithm. For more detail on the processing see the algorithm
theoretical basis documents for the
ACHA products,
DCOMP products,
reflectance and brightness temperature products.

cld_emiss_achaCloud emissivity at 11μm, determined from ACHA (CDR variable)11μm0.0039370080.5
cld_height_achaCloud height computed using ACHA0.000305185110
cld_height_uncer_achaCloud height uncertainty computed using ACHA0.039370085
cld_opd_achaCloud optical depth at 0.65μm, determined from ACHA0.65μm0.032283463.9
cld_opd_dcompCloud optical depth at 0.65μm, determined from DCOMP (CDR variable)0.65μm0.00244453279.9
cld_opd_dcomp_uncUncertainty in the cloud optical depth at 0.65μm, determined from DCOMP0.00244453279.9
cld_press_achaCloud-top pressure computed using ACHA0.01678518550
cld_reff_achaEffective radius of cloud particles determined from ACHA0.629921380
cld_reff_dcompEffective radius of cloud particles determined from DCOMP (CDR variable)0.00244148180
cld_reff_dcomp_uncUncertainty in the effective radius of cloud particle determined from DCOMP0.00244148180
cld_temp_achaCloud-top temperature computed using ACHA (CDR variable)0.002441481240
cloud_fractionCloud fraction computed over a 3x3 pixel array at the native resolution centered on this pixel0.0039370080.5
cloud_fraction_uncertaintyCloud fraction uncertainty computed over a 3x3 array0.0039370080.5
cloud_probabilityProbability of a pixel being cloudy from the Bayesian cloud mask0.0039370080.5
cloud_transmission_0_65umCloud transmission at 0.65μm from DCOMP0.65μm0.0039370080.5
cloud_typeInteger classification of the cloud type including clear and aerosol type
cloud_water_pathIntegrated total cloud water over whole column4.72441600
land_classLand classes
refl_0_65umTop of atmosphere reflectance 0.65μm (CDR variable)0.65μm0.00186162959
refl_0_65um_countsInstrument counts for the 0.65μm channel
refl_0_65um_stddev_3x3Standard deviation of the 0.63μm reflectance computed over a 3x3 pixel array0.0787401610
refl_0_86umTop of atmosphere reflectance at 0.86μm (CDR variable)0.86μm0.00186162959
refl_0_86um_countsInstrument counts for the 0.86μm channel
refl_1_60umTop of atmosphere reflectance at 1.60μm (CDR variable)1.60μm0.00186162959
refl_1_60um_countsInstrument counts for the 1.60μm channel
refl_3_75umTop of atmosphere reflectance at 3.75μm (CDR variable)3.75μm0.00152592530
relative_azimuth_angleSun-sensor relative azimuth angle; 0 is the principal plane looking towards sun0.708661490
scan_element_numberScan element index of the pixel chosen for inclusion in level-2b
scan_line_numberScan line number
scan_line_timeScan line time
sensor_zenith_angleSensor zenith for each pixel measured in degrees from nadir0.354330745
snow_classSnow classes and values
solar_azimuth_angleSolar azimuth angle in degrees from north, pixel to sun, positive values are clockwise from north1.417323
solar_zenith_angleSolar zenith for each pixel measured in degrees away from the sun (0=looking at sun)0.708661490
surface_temperature_retrievedSurface temperature retrieved using atmospherically corrected 11μm radiance0.472441280
surface_typeUMD surface type
temp_11_0umTop of atmosphere brightness temperature at 11.0μm (CDR variable)11.0μm0.002441481260
temp_11_0um_clear_skyTop of atmosphere brightness temperature modeled assuming clear skies at 11.0μm0.002441481260
temp_11_0um_stddev_3x3Standard deviation of the 11.0μm brightness temperature computed over a 3x3 pixel array0.0787401610.9
temp_12_0umTop of atmosphere brightness temperature 12.0μm (CDR variable)12.0μm0.002441481260
temp_3_75umTop of atmosphere brightness temperature 3.75μm (CDR variable)3.75μm0.002441481260
acha_infoACHA processing information bit flags
acha_qualityACHA quality flags
bad_pixel_maskMask that distinguishes good from bad pixels
cloud_maskInteger classification of the cloud mask
dcomp_infoProcessing flags for DCOMP
dcomp_qualityDCOMP processing information bit flags
glint_maskGlint mask


NOAA (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.2
Keywords METOP, POES, atmospheric, avhrr, brightness, cdr, cloud, noaa, optical, reflectance, temperature
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 12/31/1978, 4:00:00 PM - now
Citation For the TOA Reflectances and Brightness Temperatures users must cite: Andrew K. Heidinger, Michael J. Foster, Andi Walther, Xuepeng Zhao, and NOAA CDR Program (2014): NOAA Climate Data Record (CDR) of Reflectance and Brightness Temperatures from AVHRR Pathfinder Atmospheres - Extended (PATMOS-x), Version 5.3. [indicate subset used]. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. [doi:10.7289/V56W982J]( [access date].
Type image_collection
GSD arc degreesm
Platform NOAA
Instrument AVHRR
Cadence day
cube:dimensions {"x":{"type":"spatial","axis":"x","extent":[-180,180]},"y":{"type":"spatial","axis":"y","extent":[-90,90]},"temporal":{"type":"temporal","extent":["1979-01-01T00:00:00Z",null]},"bands":{"type":"bands","values":["cld_emiss_acha","cld_height_acha","cld_height_uncer_acha","cld_opd_acha","cld_opd_dcomp","cld_opd_dcomp_unc","cld_press_acha","cld_reff_acha","cld_reff_dcomp","cld_reff_dcomp_unc","cld_temp_acha","cloud_fraction","cloud_fraction_uncertainty","cloud_probability","cloud_transmission_0_65um","cloud_type","cloud_water_path","land_class","refl_0_65um","refl_0_65um_counts","refl_0_65um_stddev_3x3","refl_0_86um","refl_0_86um_counts","refl_1_60um","refl_1_60um_counts","refl_3_75um","relative_azimuth_angle","scan_element_number","scan_line_number","scan_line_time","sensor_zenith_angle","snow_class","solar_azimuth_angle","solar_zenith_angle","surface_temperature_retrieved","surface_type","temp_11_0um","temp_11_0um_clear_sky","temp_11_0um_stddev_3x3","temp_12_0um","temp_3_75um","acha_info","acha_quality","bad_pixel_mask","cloud_mask","dcomp_info","dcomp_quality","glint_mask"]}}