EO-1 Hyperion Hyperspectral Imager (EO1/HYPERION)

Hyperion is a high resolution hyperspectral imager producing 220 unique
spectral channels ranging from 0.357 to 2.576 micrometers with a 10-nm
bandwidth. The instrument operates in a pushbroom fashion, with a spatial
resolution of 30 meters for all bands and a standard scene width of 7.7

This dataset contains level 1A radiance images, radiometrically calibrated
and orthorectified. The SWIR bands have a scaling factor of 80 and the VNIR
bands have a scaling factor of 40 applied.

  • VNIR bands (B008-B057, 426.82nm - 925.41nm): L = Digital Number / 40

  • SWIR bands (B077-B224, 912.45nm - 2395.50nm): L = Digital Number / 80

B008VNIR band B8W/m^2 SRµm426.8200nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B009VNIR band B9W/m^2 SRµm436.9900nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B010VNIR band B10W/m^2 SRµm447.1700nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B011VNIR band B11W/m^2 SRµm457.3400nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B012VNIR band B12W/m^2 SRµm467.5200nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B013VNIR band B13W/m^2 SRµm477.6900nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B014VNIR band B14W/m^2 SRµm487.8700nm, FWHM: 11.3784nm
B015VNIR band B15W/m^2 SRµm498.0400nm, FWHM: 11.3538nm
B016VNIR band B16W/m^2 SRµm508.2200nm, FWHM: 11.3133nm
B017VNIR band B17W/m^2 SRµm518.3900nm, FWHM: 11.2580nm
B018VNIR band B18W/m^2 SRµm528.5700nm, FWHM: 11.1907nm
B019VNIR band B19W/m^2 SRµm538.7400nm, FWHM: 11.1119nm
B020VNIR band B20W/m^2 SRµm548.9200nm, FWHM: 11.0245nm
B021VNIR band B21W/m^2 SRµm559.0900nm, FWHM: 10.9321nm
B022VNIR band B22W/m^2 SRµm569.2700nm, FWHM: 10.8368nm
B023VNIR band B23W/m^2 SRµm579.4500nm, FWHM: 10.7407nm
B024VNIR band B24W/m^2 SRµm589.6200nm, FWHM: 10.6482nm
B025VNIR band B25W/m^2 SRµm599.8000nm, FWHM: 10.5607nm
B026VNIR band B26W/m^2 SRµm609.9700nm, FWHM: 10.4823nm
B027VNIR band B27W/m^2 SRµm620.1500nm, FWHM: 10.4147nm
B028VNIR band B28W/m^2 SRµm630.3200nm, FWHM: 10.3595nm
B029VNIR band B29W/m^2 SRµm640.5000nm, FWHM: 10.3188nm
B030VNIR band B30W/m^2 SRµm650.6700nm, FWHM: 10.2942nm
B031VNIR band B31W/m^2 SRµm660.8500nm, FWHM: 10.2856nm
B032VNIR band B32W/m^2 SRµm671.0200nm, FWHM: 10.2980nm
B033VNIR band B33W/m^2 SRµm681.2000nm, FWHM: 10.3349nm
B034VNIR band B34W/m^2 SRµm691.3700nm, FWHM: 10.3909nm
B035VNIR band B35W/m^2 SRµm701.5500nm, FWHM: 10.4592nm
B036VNIR band B36W/m^2 SRµm711.7200nm, FWHM: 10.5322nm
B037VNIR band B37W/m^2 SRµm721.9000nm, FWHM: 10.6004nm
B038VNIR band B38W/m^2 SRµm732.0700nm, FWHM: 10.6562nm
B039VNIR band B39W/m^2 SRµm742.2500nm, FWHM: 10.6933nm
B040VNIR band B40W/m^2 SRµm752.4300nm, FWHM: 10.7058nm
B041VNIR band B41W/m^2 SRµm762.6000nm, FWHM: 10.7276nm
B042VNIR band B42W/m^2 SRµm772.7800nm, FWHM: 10.7907nm
B043VNIR band B43W/m^2 SRµm782.9500nm, FWHM: 10.8833nm
B044VNIR band B44W/m^2 SRµm793.1300nm, FWHM: 10.9938nm
B045VNIR band B45W/m^2 SRµm803.3000nm, FWHM: 11.1044nm
B046VNIR band B46W/m^2 SRµm813.4800nm, FWHM: 11.1980nm
B047VNIR band B47W/m^2 SRµm823.6500nm, FWHM: 11.2600nm
B048VNIR band B48W/m^2 SRµm833.8300nm, FWHM: 11.2824nm
B049VNIR band B49W/m^2 SRµm844.0000nm, FWHM: 11.2822nm
B050VNIR band B50W/m^2 SRµm854.1800nm, FWHM: 11.2816nm
B051VNIR band B51W/m^2 SRµm864.3500nm, FWHM: 11.2809nm
B052VNIR band B52W/m^2 SRµm874.5300nm, FWHM: 11.2797nm
B053VNIR band B53W/m^2 SRµm884.7000nm, FWHM: 11.2782nm
B054VNIR band B54W/m^2 SRµm894.8800nm, FWHM: 11.2771nm
B055VNIR band B55W/m^2 SRµm905.0500nm, FWHM: 11.2765nm
B056VNIR band B56W/m^2 SRµm915.2300nm, FWHM: 11.2756nm
B057VNIR band B57W/m^2 SRµm925.4100nm, FWHM: 11.2754nm
B077SWIR band B77W/m^2 SRµm912.4500nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B078SWIR band B78W/m^2 SRµm922.5400nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B079SWIR band B79W/m^2 SRµm932.6400nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B080SWIR band B80W/m^2 SRµm942.7300nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B081SWIR band B81W/m^2 SRµm952.8200nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B082SWIR band B82W/m^2 SRµm962.9100nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B083SWIR band B83W/m^2 SRµm972.9900nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B084SWIR band B84W/m^2 SRµm983.0800nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B085SWIR band B85W/m^2 SRµm993.1700nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B086SWIR band B86W/m^2 SRµm1003.3000nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B087SWIR band B87W/m^2 SRµm1013.3000nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B088SWIR band B88W/m^2 SRµm1023.4000nm, FWHM: 11.0451nm
B089SWIR band B89W/m^2 SRµm1033.4900nm, FWHM: 11.0423nm
B090SWIR band B90W/m^2 SRµm1043.5900nm, FWHM: 11.0372nm
B091SWIR band B91W/m^2 SRµm1053.6900nm, FWHM: 11.0302nm
B092SWIR band B92W/m^2 SRµm1063.7900nm, FWHM: 11.0218nm
B093SWIR band B93W/m^2 SRµm1073.8900nm, FWHM: 11.0122nm
B094SWIR band B94W/m^2 SRµm1083.9900nm, FWHM: 11.0013nm
B095SWIR band B95W/m^2 SRµm1094.0900nm, FWHM: 10.9871nm
B096SWIR band B96W/m^2 SRµm1104.1900nm, FWHM: 10.9732nm
B097SWIR band B97W/m^2 SRµm1114.1900nm, FWHM: 10.9572nm
B098SWIR band B98W/m^2 SRµm1124.2800nm, FWHM: 10.9418nm
B099SWIR band B99W/m^2 SRµm1134.3800nm, FWHM: 10.9248nm
B100SWIR band B100W/m^2 SRµm1144.4800nm, FWHM: 10.9065nm
B101SWIR band B101W/m^2 SRµm1154.5800nm, FWHM: 10.8884nm
B102SWIR band B102W/m^2 SRµm1164.6800nm, FWHM: 10.8696nm
B103SWIR band B103W/m^2 SRµm1174.7700nm, FWHM: 10.8513nm
B104SWIR band B104W/m^2 SRµm1184.8700nm, FWHM: 10.8335nm
B105SWIR band B105W/m^2 SRµm1194.9700nm, FWHM: 10.8154nm
B106SWIR band B106W/m^2 SRµm1205.0700nm, FWHM: 10.7979nm
B107SWIR band B107W/m^2 SRµm1215.1700nm, FWHM: 10.7822nm
B108SWIR band B108W/m^2 SRµm1225.1700nm, FWHM: 10.7663nm
B109SWIR band B109W/m^2 SRµm1235.2700nm, FWHM: 10.7520nm
B110SWIR band B110W/m^2 SRµm1245.3600nm, FWHM: 10.7385nm
B111SWIR band B111W/m^2 SRµm1255.4600nm, FWHM: 10.7270nm
B112SWIR band B112W/m^2 SRµm1265.5600nm, FWHM: 10.7174nm
B113SWIR band B113W/m^2 SRµm1275.6600nm, FWHM: 10.7091nm
B114SWIR band B114W/m^2 SRµm1285.7600nm, FWHM: 10.7022nm
B115SWIR band B115W/m^2 SRµm1295.8600nm, FWHM: 10.6970nm
B116SWIR band B116W/m^2 SRµm1305.9600nm, FWHM: 10.6946nm
B117SWIR band B117W/m^2 SRµm1316.0500nm, FWHM: 10.6937nm
B118SWIR band B118W/m^2 SRµm1326.0500nm, FWHM: 10.6949nm
B119SWIR band B119W/m^2 SRµm1336.1500nm, FWHM: 10.6996nm
B120SWIR band B120W/m^2 SRµm1346.2500nm, FWHM: 10.7058nm
B121SWIR band B121W/m^2 SRµm1356.3500nm, FWHM: 10.7163nm
B122SWIR band B122W/m^2 SRµm1366.4500nm, FWHM: 10.7283nm
B123SWIR band B123W/m^2 SRµm1376.5500nm, FWHM: 10.7437nm
B124SWIR band B124W/m^2 SRµm1386.6500nm, FWHM: 10.7612nm
B125SWIR band B125W/m^2 SRµm1396.7400nm, FWHM:10.7807nm
B126SWIR band B126W/m^2 SRµm1406.8400nm, FWHM: 10.8034nm
B127SWIR band B127W/m^2 SRµm1416.9400nm, FWHM: 10.8267nm
B128SWIR band B128W/m^2 SRµm1426.9400nm, FWHM: 10.8534nm
B129SWIR band B129W/m^2 SRµm1437.0400nm, FWHM: 10.8818nm
B130SWIR band B130W/m^2 SRµm1447.1400nm, FWHM: 10.9110nm
B131SWIR band B131W/m^2 SRµm1457.2300nm, FWHM: 10.9422nm
B132SWIR band B132W/m^2 SRµm1467.3300nm, FWHM: 10.9743nm
B133SWIR band B133W/m^2 SRµm1477.4300nm, FWHM: 11.0074nm
B134SWIR band B134W/m^2 SRµm1487.5300nm, FWHM: 11.0414nm
B135SWIR band B135W/m^2 SRµm1497.6300nm, FWHM: 11.0759nm
B136SWIR band B136W/m^2 SRµm1507.7300nm, FWHM: 11.1108nm
B137SWIR band B137W/m^2 SRµm1517.8300nm, FWHM: 11.1461nm
B138SWIR band B138W/m^2 SRµm1527.9200nm, FWHM: 11.1811nm
B139SWIR band B139W/m^2 SRµm1537.9200nm, FWHM: 11.2156nm
B140SWIR band B140W/m^2 SRµm1548.0200nm, FWHM: 11.2496nm
B141SWIR band B141W/m^2 SRµm1558.1200nm, FWHM: 11.2826nm
B142SWIR band B142W/m^2 SRµm1568.2200nm, FWHM: 11.3146nm
B143SWIR band B143W/m^2 SRµm1578.3200nm, FWHM: 11.3460nm
B144SWIR band B144W/m^2 SRµm1588.4200nm, FWHM: 11.3753nm
B145SWIR band B145W/m^2 SRµm1598.5100nm, FWHM: 11.4037nm
B146SWIR band B146W/m^2 SRµm1608.6100nm, FWHM: 11.4302nm
B147SWIR band B147W/m^2 SRµm1618.7100nm, FWHM: 11.4538nm
B148SWIR band B148W/m^2 SRµm1628.8100nm, FWHM: 11.4760nm
B149SWIR band B149W/m^2 SRµm1638.8100nm, FWHM: 11.4958nm
B150SWIR band B150W/m^2 SRµm1648.9000nm, FWHM: 11.5133nm
B151SWIR band B151W/m^2 SRµm1659.0000nm, FWHM: 11.5286nm
B152SWIR band B152W/m^2 SRµm1669.1000nm, FWHM: 11.5404nm
B153SWIR band B153W/m^2 SRµm1679.2000nm, FWHM: 11.5505nm
B154SWIR band B154W/m^2 SRµm1689.3000nm, FWHM: 11.5580nm
B155SWIR band B155W/m^2 SRµm1699.4000nm, FWHM: 11.5621nm
B156SWIR band B156W/m^2 SRµm1709.5000nm, FWHM: 11.5634nm
B157SWIR band B157W/m^2 SRµm1719.6000nm, FWHM: 11.5617nm
B158SWIR band B158W/m^2 SRµm1729.7000nm, FWHM: 11.5563nm
B159SWIR band B159W/m^2 SRµm1739.7000nm, FWHM: 11.5477nm
B160SWIR band B160W/m^2 SRµm1749.7900nm, FWHM: 11.5346nm
B161SWIR band B161W/m^2 SRµm1759.8900nm, FWHM: 11.5193nm
B162SWIR band B162W/m^2 SRµm1769.9900nm, FWHM: 11.5002nm
B163SWIR band B163W/m^2 SRµm1780.0900nm, FWHM: 11.4789nm
B164SWIR band B164W/m^2 SRµm1790.1900nm, FWHM: 11.4548nm
B165SWIR band B165W/m^2 SRµm1800.2900nm, FWHM: 11.4279nm
B166SWIR band B166W/m^2 SRµm1810.3800nm, FWHM: 11.3994nm
B167SWIR band B167W/m^2 SRµm1820.4800nm, FWHM: 11.3688nm
B168SWIR band B168W/m^2 SRµm1830.5800nm, FWHM: 11.3366nm
B169SWIR band B169W/m^2 SRµm1840.5800nm, FWHM: 11.3036nm
B170SWIR band B170W/m^2 SRµm1850.6800nm, FWHM: 11.2696nm
B171SWIR band B171W/m^2 SRµm1860.7800nm, FWHM: 11.2363nm
B172SWIR band B172W/m^2 SRµm1870.8700nm, FWHM: 11.2007nm
B173SWIR band B173W/m^2 SRµm1880.9800nm, FWHM: 11.1666nm
B174SWIR band B174W/m^2 SRµm1891.0700nm, FWHM: 11.1333nm
B175SWIR band B175W/m^2 SRµm1901.1700nm, FWHM: 11.1018nm
B176SWIR band B176W/m^2 SRµm1911.2700nm, FWHM: 11.0714nm
B177SWIR band B177W/m^2 SRµm1921.3700nm, FWHM: 11.0424nm
B178SWIR band B178W/m^2 SRµm1931.4700nm, FWHM: 11.0155nm
B179SWIR band B179W/m^2 SRµm1941.5700nm, FWHM: 10.9912nm
B180SWIR band B180W/m^2 SRµm1951.5700nm, FWHM: 10.9698nm
B181SWIR band B181W/m^2 SRµm1961.6600nm, FWHM: 10.9508nm
B182SWIR band B182W/m^2 SRµm1971.7600nm, FWHM: 10.9355nm
B183SWIR band B183W/m^2 SRµm1981.8600nm, FWHM: 10.9230nm
B184SWIR band B184W/m^2 SRµm1991.9600nm, FWHM: 10.9139nm
B185SWIR band B185W/m^2 SRµm2002.0600nm, FWHM: 10.9083nm
B186SWIR band B186W/m^2 SRµm2012.1500nm, FWHM: 10.9069nm
B187SWIR band B187W/m^2 SRµm2022.2500nm, FWHM: 10.9057nm
B188SWIR band B188W/m^2 SRµm2032.3500nm, FWHM: 10.9013nm
B189SWIR band B189W/m^2 SRµm2042.4500nm, FWHM: 10.8951nm
B190SWIR band B190W/m^2 SRµm2052.4500nm, FWHM: 10.8854nm
B191SWIR band B191W/m^2 SRµm2062.5500nm, FWHM: 10.8740nm
B192SWIR band B192W/m^2 SRµm2072.6500nm, FWHM: 10.8591nm
B193SWIR band B193W/m^2 SRµm2082.7500nm, FWHM: 10.8429nm
B194SWIR band B194W/m^2 SRµm2092.8400nm, FWHM: 10.8242nm
B195SWIR band B195W/m^2 SRµm2102.9400nm, FWHM: 10.8039nm
B196SWIR band B196W/m^2 SRµm2113.0400nm, FWHM: 10.7820nm
B197SWIR band B197W/m^2 SRµm2123.1400nm, FWHM: 10.7592nm
B198SWIR band B198W/m^2 SRµm2133.2400nm, FWHM: 10.7342nm
B199SWIR band B199W/m^2 SRµm2143.3400nm, FWHM: 10.7092nm
B200SWIR band B200W/m^2 SRµm2153.3400nm, FWHM: 10.6834nm
B201SWIR band B201W/m^2 SRµm2163.4300nm, FWHM: 10.6572nm
B202SWIR band B202W/m^2 SRµm2173.5300nm, FWHM: 10.6312nm
B203SWIR band B203W/m^2 SRµm2183.6300nm, FWHM: 10.6052nm
B204SWIR band B204W/m^2 SRµm2193.7300nm, FWHM: 10.5803nm
B205SWIR band B205W/m^2 SRµm2203.8300nm, FWHM: 10.5560nm
B206SWIR band B206W/m^2 SRµm2213.9300nm, FWHM: 10.5328nm
B207SWIR band B207W/m^2 SRµm2224.0300nm, FWHM: 10.5101nm
B208SWIR band B208W/m^2 SRµm2234.1200nm, FWHM: 10.4904nm
B209SWIR band B209W/m^2 SRµm2244.2200nm, FWHM: 10.4722nm
B210SWIR band B210W/m^2 SRµm2254.2200nm, FWHM: 10.4552nm
B211SWIR band B211W/m^2 SRµm2264.3200nm, FWHM: 10.4408nm
B212SWIR band B212W/m^2 SRµm2274.4200nm, FWHM: 10.4285nm
B213SWIR band B213W/m^2 SRµm2284.5200nm, FWHM: 10.4197nm
B214SWIR band B214W/m^2 SRµm2294.6100nm, FWHM: 10.4129nm
B215SWIR band B215W/m^2 SRµm2304.7100nm, FWHM: 10.4088nm
B216SWIR band B216W/m^2 SRµm2314.8100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B217SWIR band B217W/m^2 SRµm2324.9100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B218SWIR band B218W/m^2 SRµm2335.0100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B219SWIR band B219W/m^2 SRµm2345.1100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B220SWIR band B220W/m^2 SRµm2355.2100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B221SWIR band B221W/m^2 SRµm2365.2000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B222SWIR band B222W/m^2 SRµm2375.3000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B223SWIR band B223W/m^2 SRµm2385.4000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B224SWIR band B224W/m^2 SRµm2395.5000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm


USGS (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.2
Keywords eo-1, hyperion, hyperspectral, usgs
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 4/30/2001, 5:00:00 PM - now
Citation Data available from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Type image_collection
GSD metersm
Platform EO-1
Instrument Hyperion
cube:dimensions {"x":{"type":"spatial","axis":"x","extent":[-180,180]},"y":{"type":"spatial","axis":"y","extent":[-90,90]},"temporal":{"type":"temporal","extent":["2001-05-01T00:00:00Z",null]},"bands":{"type":"bands","values":["B008","B009","B010","B011","B012","B013","B014","B015","B016","B017","B018","B019","B020","B021","B022","B023","B024","B025","B026","B027","B028","B029","B030","B031","B032","B033","B034","B035","B036","B037","B038","B039","B040","B041","B042","B043","B044","B045","B046","B047","B048","B049","B050","B051","B052","B053","B054","B055","B056","B057","B077","B078","B079","B080","B081","B082","B083","B084","B085","B086","B087","B088","B089","B090","B091","B092","B093","B094","B095","B096","B097","B098","B099","B100","B101","B102","B103","B104","B105","B106","B107","B108","B109","B110","B111","B112","B113","B114","B115","B116","B117","B118","B119","B120","B121","B122","B123","B124","B125","B126","B127","B128","B129","B130","B131","B132","B133","B134","B135","B136","B137","B138","B139","B140","B141","B142","B143","B144","B145","B146","B147","B148","B149","B150","B151","B152","B153","B154","B155","B156","B157","B158","B159","B160","B161","B162","B163","B164","B165","B166","B167","B168","B169","B170","B171","B172","B173","B174","B175","B176","B177","B178","B179","B180","B181","B182","B183","B184","B185","B186","B187","B188","B189","B190","B191","B192","B193","B194","B195","B196","B197","B198","B199","B200","B201","B202","B203","B204","B205","B206","B207","B208","B209","B210","B211","B212","B213","B214","B215","B216","B217","B218","B219","B220","B221","B222","B223","B224"]}}