ArcticDEM Strips (UMN/PGC/ArcticDEM/V2/2m)

Version V2

ArcticDEM is a digital surface model (DSM) that portrays first-return
elevation values that include vegetation, tree canopy, buildings, and other
man-made surface features. The 2m asset is a collection of strips rather
than a single mosaic due to projection differences between strips.

Strip DEM files correspond to the overlapping area of the input stereopair
image swaths as they are collected by DigitalGlobe’s constellation of
polar-orbiting satellites. Strip DEM dimensions will vary according to the
satellite sensor that acquired the images and the off-nadir angle of
collection. Most strips are between 16km and 18km in width, and 110km and
120km in length.

matchtagBitmask raster indicating DEM pixels processing


University of Minnesota Polar Geospatial Center (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.2
Keywords arctic, dem, geophysical, pgc, umn
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 8/15/2009, 5:00:00 PM - 3/11/2017, 4:00:00 PM
Citation DEM(s) created by the Polar Geospatial Center from DigitalGlobe, Inc. imagery.
Type image_collection
GSD metersm
Platform WorldView-1
cube:dimensions {"x":{"type":"spatial","axis":"x","extent":[-180,180]},"y":{"type":"spatial","axis":"y","extent":[50,90]},"temporal":{"type":"temporal","extent":["2009-08-16T00:00:00Z","2017-03-12T00:00:00Z"]},"bands":{"type":"bands","values":["elevation","matchtag"]}}