Version Release 05

GRACE Tellus Monthly Mass Grids provides monthly
gravitational anomalies relative to a 2004-2010 time-mean baseline.
The data contained in this dataset are units of “Equivalent Water Thickness”
which represent the deviations of mass in terms of vertical extent
of water in centimeters. See the provider’s Monthly Mass
Grids Overview

for more details.

This dataset is a filtered version of the GRACE Tellus (GRCTellus)
Ocean dataset. The ‘EOFR’ bottom pressure (OBP) grids are obtained by
projecting the data from the regular GRC Ocean grids product
onto the Empirical Orthogonal Functions (EOFs) of the
Ocean Model for Circulation and Tides (OMCT). This effectively
filters out signals in the GRACE data that are inconsistent
with the physics and OBP variations in the OMCT ocean model.

The EOFR filtered reconstructed OBP fields agree
better with radar altimetric sea surface height,
reduce leakage around ice sheets and glaciers, and reduce
noise in the mid latitudes where OBP variability is lower.
(Chambers and Willis, 2010)


  • The GRCTellus Ocean datasets are optimized to examine regional
    ocean bottom pressure, but NOT intended to be spatially
    averaged to determine global mean ocean mass.
lwe_thickness_csrEquivalent liquid water thickness in centimeters calculated by
lwe_thickness_gfzEquivalent liquid water thickness in centimeters calculated by
lwe_thickness_jplEquivalent liquid water thickness in centimeters calculated by


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.2
Keywords CRS, GFZ, JPL, NASA, grace, gravity, mass, ocean, tellus, water
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 12/30/2002, 4:00:00 PM - 1/4/2017, 4:00:00 PM
Citation D.P. Chambers. 2012. GRACE MONTHLY OCEAN MASS GRIDS NETCDF RELEASE 5.0. Ver. 5.0. PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at [](
Type image_collection
GSD arc degreem
cube:dimensions {"x":{"type":"spatial","axis":"x","extent":[-180,180]},"y":{"type":"spatial","axis":"y","extent":[-90,90]},"temporal":{"type":"temporal","extent":["2002-12-31T00:00:00Z","2017-01-05T00:00:00Z"]},"bands":{"type":"bands","values":["lwe_thickness_csr","lwe_thickness_gfz","lwe_thickness_jpl"]}}