Ocean Color SMI: Standard Mapped Image MODIS Terra Data (NASA/OCEANDATA/MODIS-Terra/L3SMI)

This level 3 product includes ocean color and satellite ocean biology data
produced or collected under EOSDIS.

This dataset may be used for studying the biology and hydrology of
coastal zones, changes in the diversity and geographical distribution of
coastal marine habitats, biogeochemical fluxes and their influence in
Earth’s oceans and climate over time, and finally the impact of
climate and environmental variability and change on ocean ecosystems
and the biodiversity they support.

Scale factor and offset are already applied.

chlor_aChlorophyll a concentrationmg m-3
nflhNormalized fluorescence line heightmW cm-2 µm-1 sr-1
pocParticulate organic carbonmg m-3
Rrs_412Remote sensing reflectance at band 412nmsr-1
Rrs_443Remote sensing reflectance at band 443nmsr-1
Rrs_469Remote sensing reflectance at band 469nmsr-1
Rrs_488Remote sensing reflectance at band 488nmsr-1
Rrs_531Remote sensing reflectance at band 531nmsr-1
Rrs_547Remote sensing reflectance at band 547nmsr-1
Rrs_555Remote sensing reflectance at band 555nmsr-1
Rrs_645Remote sensing reflectance at band 645nmsr-1
Rrs_667Remote sensing reflectance at band 667nmsr-1
Rrs_678Remote sensing reflectance at band 678nmsr-1
sstSea surface temperature°C


NASA GSFC (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.2
Keywords biology, chlorophyll, climate, modis, nasa, ocean, oceandata, reflectance, temperature, weather
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 2/23/2000, 4:00:00 PM - now
DOI https://dx.doi.org/10.5067/TERRA/MODIS/L3M/<BANDNAME>/2014 (Replace <BANDNAME> with the desired band (CHL, FLH, POC, RRS, SST))
Citation NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Ocean Ecology Laboratory, Ocean Biology Processing Group. Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Aqua Ocean Color Data, NASA OB.DAAC, Greenbelt, MD, USA.
Type image_collection
GSD metersm
Cadence day
cube:dimensions {"x":{"type":"spatial","axis":"x","extent":[-180,180]},"y":{"type":"spatial","axis":"y","extent":[-90,90]},"temporal":{"type":"temporal","extent":["2000-02-24T00:00:00Z",null]},"bands":{"type":"bands","values":["chlor_a","nflh","poc","Rrs_412","Rrs_443","Rrs_469","Rrs_488","Rrs_531","Rrs_547","Rrs_555","Rrs_645","Rrs_667","Rrs_678","sst"]}}